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Andy is creating a picture album and wants pictures of the family. If it's an older picture with Andy in it he says, "MAKE SURE I DON'T LOOK LIKE A DORK IN THE PICTURE!!!" He is also getting interested in his parent's childhood. It's strange and wonderful how a mission influences a young person.

Andy participated in another baptism of an 18-year-old. This young man was so anxious to be baptised and is now just as anxious to go to the temple. That's so right.

Andy advises us to share the gospel with our friends, to invite them to activities and then tell the missionaries to "sick 'em." (His spelling). "They'll love you for it (the missionaries and your friends).

Now a final quote. "I tell ya, proselyting ain't got nothin on a member referal. Either way, there's no stopping us cause this church is true! And we got the Lord on our side!" You got that right, Andy.