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10-22-98 (in Korea)

Andy is getting a little better at the language. "Now sometimes I can almost understand some people."

There are a ton of mosquitoes in Korea and Andy thinks that they "all bite me". The bites seem to last forever and they itch a lot. He says, "When I try to sleep at night, all I hear are the mosquitos flying by my ear. Really, they keep me awake at night."

October 5 is "choo-suck" which is like a Korean Thanksgiving Day. It's based on the lunar calendar and falls on the full or harvest moon. Seems that all the ward members were out of town because of the celebration so church was cancelled.

Andy is asking for some classical music to listen to on P-day. He'd like some Bach and other cool stuff. He'd really like to hear some of our voices and music on tape.

The Lord watches over our missionaries and helps them grow in mind and spirit. Andy says, "I'm happy and I work a lot. It's become really fun and interesting to read the scriptures".