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10-7-98 (In Korea)

Andy is still getting used the food in Korea. He ate some soup with grass in it and it came out his other end still as grass. He's also missing some good American cereals like Cheerios and Basic 4.

Andy has found some extremely interesting bugs in Korea. He has seen a moth the size of a dime with a flower on its tail and a moth with the wing span of a sparrow. The mosquitoes for attack squadrons and the spiders grow to the size of small dogs.

Andy is now the man because he is taking Tae Kwon Doh lessons. He takes classes with many young children with black belts while his belt is still white. No matter, he looks extremely cool in his uniform.

The highest bill in Korea is 10,000 Wan which is equal to about 7 bucks. People don't write checks or use credit cards there either. Andy gets 260,00 Wan a month. It goes away real fast and as Andy said " I don't waste a wan" HA HA HA!

Andy said he hasn't had dog yet. It is usually in a soup and used for medicinal purposes. We can't wait for that letter home - I wonder . . . will it taste like chicken? MMMMMM