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In mid-November Andy was able to take a ferry from Koje Island to Pusan. There he was able to go to a conference and hear from Richard G. Scott. Brother Hendriks also talked to them. "It was awesome."

Andy told us he was about to go to McDonalds which is always a big thrill for foreign missionaries. He also went to the USO and had a root beer, a snickers, and a 3 musketeers bar.

Andy visits Chinju many times and sometimes stays overnight there. The ward members know him as the chocopie chongno (elder) because somehow everyone thinks he eats a lot of chocopies.

Andy has now had octupus. "It was ok, it was squishy. I don't know why people really eat squid or octopus. It just doesn't have any flavor. That's all there is to it."

Andy and his comp had a baptism in the ocean. It was cold! The young woman attends Andy's English class and just decided that she wanted to be baptized. After the discussions, of course.

Andy goes to a little Branch in Koje. About 30 people attend each week.