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Andy tells of a gross story involving a pellet gun, newspaper and roach. . . "We're not supposed to have those plastic pellet guns anymore. Some missionaries were getting too carried away with them. I still have'nt sent home my gun. There was a roach in our house that crawled in my comp's bag. He poured his bag out and slapped the roach with a newspaper so it was just twitching and I shot it with my gun. It died. Or as my comp says, 'it went to the spirit world'".

Good thing you didn't send home that gun - huh Andy?

Andy also says that it is cold there. It's colder than Texas but not as cold as Minnesota. But it really doesn't snow there.

Andy gets a lot of practice speaking Korean . . . "My comp is cool. I always speak Korean but my comp speaks real easily. He's from Seoul and people from Seoul speak "pure Korean", that is free of dialect and they speak slow and clear."

"Bundeg is bug larva. It is brown and oval shaped. I've decided I'd be more proud to say I haven't eaten it than to say I have. My comp likes it and tells me if I want to speak Korean real well, I have to eat it. But I won't. Besides that all Korean food tastes fine to me."