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Andy has been transferred to Taegu (SuSung area and also east Taegu area). His new companion is Elder Eedooho, a Korean elder. "There are only ten Korean Elders right now and about 70 non Koreans. Elder Eedooho doesn't speak English (often the Korean Elders are pretty good at English) but he's been studying. It doesn't matter cause he can talk slow and simple for me to understand. The only problem is when I hear any one else, I'm not used to the speed." "I've been here one week now and we've taught a bunch of discussions and stuff. It's quite different cause it's so busy here."

"The church here has about 70 members come in a week. And the youth group is big (there are a bunch of guys, but only a few girls). And there are two ping pong tables! Yipee!"

Andy sent his recipe for Jun or Tofu burger:

1 Block Tofu (about 2" x 3" x 4") , 3 eggs , 1/2 medium onion , 1 long thin onion thing , a little bit of process ham if wanted , 1 teaspoon salt.

Wash hands, run water over tofu, rub softly, just a litt bit (10 seconds). Smash tofu with hands until it becomes like cottage cheese. Add 3 eggs. Cut onion into small pieces and add to tofu. Slice the long thin onion diagonally and add to mixture. Add Salt and mix it in. Pour mixture about the size of a hamburger into oiled frying pan. Brown on one side, flip and brown on the other side. Eat with rice. Yummy!