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Andy says that his official Korean name is Ma hoo choo. I wonder what that means. He was able to visit the most famous mountain in Taegu It is called Pall Kong San.

About the language Andy says, "In the Pusan area there's a bunch of dialect. Sometimes its a whole new word and often its the ending of a verb and sometimes instead of the 'o' sound they say an 'e' sound. But its real easy to learn the majority of the things they use a lot. Still and always the hardest thing is that they speak fast. They speak real fast."

Andy sends us recipes but I haven't had the nerve to try them. I think that I'll wait for Andy to come home and teach us first hand the basics of Korean cooking.

The work is going well in Andy's area. He recently wrote a letter to the Primary and here are some of his thoughts. "Missionary work is so fun. I love Korea. The food is good, the people are neat, and I get to speak another language..... I love reading the scriptures everyday. There are so many awesome stories and things to learn. Every new day is the greatest, most important, and most exciting day of my life.....It is so awesome to see what joy the gospel can bring into their (the people he teaches) lives and see how they gain a testimony of our Savior.....I know that we are all children of God so keep praying and reading the scriptures. Be happy and love the Lord."