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Andy finally arrived in Korea after 2 months of language training. Here are excerpts from the first letter form Korea we have received:

"We got to the Seoul, Kimpo airport and suddenly I thought I was in a Bruce Lee movie."

After having one nights sleep, Andy was back in the saddle with the mission president and other new missionaries going around town. He states:
"We had an authentic Korean lunch, then they took us street proselyting. I talked to some old guy feeding some pidgeons. I said 'I like the birds' (in Korean) then he said (in English) 'You try to speak Korean but I can't understand you'. "
I'm sure your Korean will get much better Andy! Keep Trying!

On a spiritual note :
"We had a baptism yesterday (Sunday) a guy who my comp and his previous comp taught. It was cool, he was baptized in the ocean. I saw some crabs and earwigs an inch or more long.

And hey, did you know?:
"Ramon noodles are Korean. Talk about missionaries eating a lot of Ramon. But they have no nutritional value so we're supposed to watch how much of it we eat."

Some humor:
"I saw this beauty salon that had Korean writing and under that it said 'Beauty Slong'.

And just to straighten out an old rumor:
"There are a bunch of stray dogs here. The funny thing is that they don't get any bigger than Cindy (*the family's poodle that is now deceased*) Actually, Cindy would be a big scary dog here. Another thing is that none of the dogs I've seen were very mangy or gross looking. In fact, they look pretty clean to me."
So I guess Andy shouldn't worry about the meat in his dinner

That was about it. He enjoyed the pizza the Biesinger's brought to the airport and loves to get letters. You can write him e-mail and we will send it periodically to him!
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