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Attractions in Korea

There are many places to visit in Korea - these are just a few.

Pusan Citizens' Day Festival
Every October 5 is commemorated as Pusan Citizens' Day in celebration of Admiral Yi Sun-shin's great triumph in the Pusan harbor, then Pusnapo, some 500 years ago. The day was designated in 1980 to help Pusanians get the proper pride. Many athletic meets and cultural events, including Miss Tourism Beauty Contest and a masquerade parade, are held from Oct. 4 through 15. starting with a ceremonial fanfare on Oct. 5, a local-colored good- fishing ritual, a boat parade at sea reminiscent of the Pusanpo victory, traditional ssirum matches, tug of war originating from Tongnae, an opera performance, a citizens' composition contest, a marine feast, and a seafood market, among others, will please your eyes in every corner of the city. Also, all the public facilities of parks and resorts are open to the public without charge during the festival days, permitting any citizen and traveler an easy access to the city's history as well as to natural wonders.


Chungmu City embraces such islands as Miruk, Hansan, Pijin and Chuam. Especially, Chungnyol Shrine keeps many remains of Admiral Yi Sun-shin (posthumous name : Chungmugong), national hero during the Imjin War.

Choksongnu in Chinju

This is a symbol of Chinju, Namjangdae of the old Chinju Castle. Having been broken down during the Korean War, this pavilion was rebuilt in 1959 and contains Righteous Rock and a shrine of Non-gae, loyal amusement lady during the Imjin War in the 16th century.


As the largest island made of lava to the south of the peninsula, this Oriental Hawaii will be long remembered for its gigantic natural wonders everywhere you go.