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Markets of Pusan

There are many markets in Pusan. Here are a few . . .

Chagalchi Market

The market came to be widely known among all Koreans after the Korean War in the 1950s, producing the comfortable and pleasant name of "Chagalchi aunts." This market is indeed a synonym for Pusan in that the life of Pusanians can be felt here. Located at the southern seashore of Nampo- dong, the market is all the time crowded with customers and Chagalchi men and women who speak a peculiar local accent. It's more than a fun to have a look here and a dried fish market and the Shin Dong-A Market. The fish fresh from the sea are sold via brokers to retailers at the wharf, while the street stalls abound with all kinds of sea products that make one water : sea bream, flat fish, flounder, ear shell, sea squirt, cuttle fish, octopus and so on. Usually at the price from 20,000 to 60,000 won, two persons can taste deluxe raw fish along with some beverages. The subway stops here and many buses can be of help.

Texas Town

Opposite Pusan Station lies the so-called Texas Town, which has transformed itself from a red-light district into a specialized shopping street for foreigners. These days so many Russians visit the town that it is often called the Russian Street. Among main articles treated here are leather products, bags, shoes and clothes.