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Pictures Taken By ME!

See places and people that I have seen!

Dork Dot at the MTC

Bye everyone! I'm going on my mission!

In Korea...

Me and my comp (tall Korean), Pres and his wife, American and Korean AP's. The pres. himself did house checks and interviews at our house.

You can tell I've been working really hard for a long time!

I like this picture if people want to see what I'm doing in Korea, show this picture.

Did I mention how I went crazy and got a tatoo?


Pizza Hut - humpday-1 year mark

Sports Conference, my distict. It was fun

My comp and I at the church during Family Home Evening. We're both wearing girl scout shirts we got from a member. I also got these shoes from a member.

This picture is cool. I look like a missionary or somethin'. That's our stake center in Taegu.