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About Pusan


Located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Pusan has long played a historically important role as a gateway to foreign customs and commerce. Ever since its opening in 1876, the city equipped with ultramodern port facilities has continually developed as a center of international tourism, trade and industry.
Currently holding some 4 million citizens and an area of 530km*2, this naturally-blessed port city is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Famous swimming beaches, hot springs, beauty spots, resorts and historic relics as well as convenient tourism facilities invite every sightseer from home and abroad.


As Korea's topmost international trade port, Pusan is an enchanting city with four distinct seasons and a mild oceanic climate. Among the everlasting memories of each visitor will be world-famous Haeundae Beach as one of Korea's eight scenic wonders, Pomo Temple as the birthplace of prosperous Buddhism, Taejongdae Resort boasting of picturesque woods and cliffs surrounded by the sea, Chagalchi Market which the masses frequent, Onchonjang with quality spas, time-honored Kumjong Fortress, and the panoramic view of downtown at Yongdusan Park.
We make every effort for a convenient and pleasant trip of all sightseers of Pusan, the doorway to the peninsula and the Asian continent. Please have keen interest in and affection for Pusan's traditional culture and art and let your friends and family members know the tourist value of this port city.

City Bird : Seagull

This bird's white color represents purity resembling the traditional symbol of the white-clad Korean people, while its exceptional perseverance of long flight expresses the potential of Pusan citizens.

City Flower : Camellia

The harmony of green leaves and red flowers depicts the blue sea and the loyalty of the residents, whereas the birght and evergreen leaves symbolize the citizens' youth and determination.

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